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Natural Treatments for Lupus

Are you looking for a natural way to control lupus? Some people feel a significant difference in their lupus symptoms when they make diet changes.

What? How can something as serious as lupus be helped by something as simple as diet?

Well, the medical profession does say that they don’t know what causes lupus – and they help you try to control the symptoms. Gout is an autoimmune disease, and doctors know it is definitely triggered by diet!

If one autoimmune disease can be triggered by food, doesn’t it seem reasonable that other autoimmune diseases can also be triggered by diet?

I think lupus is a combination of both genetic and environmental factors. I have the genes for lupus – but found a way to control my symptoms through environmental factors – the foods I eat (and the foods I avoid) and sleep. I’ve been free of systemic lupus symptoms since 1995! All from diet and lifestyle changes.

When I started eating a whole foods, plant based diet – my joint pain and exhaustion melted away.

It helped me so much that I wrote a book about it – “The Lupus Recovery Diet”. Since then I’ve heard back from hundreds of people who’ve shared how much better they feel.

Why not try it for yourself? Eating healthy plant rich foods won’t hurt you, and you’ll soon find out if it helps you. Nothing is more natural than eating good food from the earth.