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Venus helps autoimmune disease with Diet

Do you know that Venus Williams, a highly ranked women’s tennis player, has
an autoimmune disease?

She withdrew from the 2011 US Open because of extreme fatigue from
Sjogren’s syndrome.

Extreme fatigue… I remember that feeling. It’s impossible to explain it to
someone who hasn’t been there. Do you know what she’s feeling?

Well, Venus was recently interviewed on CBS, and says she is now eating a
mostly raw-food, vegan diet.

She also said that “changing my diet made a big difference” in how she feels.

Wow. A world class athlete eating mostly fruits and raw vegetables. Big news.
She was back playing in the 2012 US Open. Go girl!

I thought you’d like to know about Venus, and that it might motivate you to
either start-up or stick-with the “Lupus Recovery Diet”.

As a note – a 100% raw food diet is one vegan option, but I and others have
gotten good results with eating 50% or more raw, not necessarily all raw.

If diet changes can help a professional athlete, imagine what it could do for you.

Here’s the video of the CBS interview if you’d like to watch it: