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Banana Dessert Contest

The results to the Banana Sauce contest are in!

Last week I gave you a simple recipe: blend bananas
with a little water to make a creamy sauce… perfect
to pour over fruit.

I asked you to send me photos of your dessert, promising
a copy of my DVD “Healthy Cooking Made Easy and Delicious”
to the winning entry.

Here are three amazing desserts, with just fruit and
banana creme sauce.

I love all three entries so much that they each have
won a copy of my DVD “Healthy Cooking Made Easy
and Delicious”.

The Winners are:
Carol Day from Michigan
Tiesha Birdsong from Maryland
Vicki Moss from Australia  (one of her fruits is pawpaw)

Vicki Moss's PawPaw Delight

Tiesa Birdsong's Fruit with Banana Sauce

Carol Day's Frozen Banana Mango Swirl

Playing with your food isn’t just for kids  😉

Remember, fruits and veggies don’t have to be boring,
or bland tasting!

Have fun!

A Healthy Dessert

Last night I did something easy to make a bowl of
fruit taste creamy… and thought you’d like it.

I’ll share what I did… then keep reading…
you can win a free cooking DVD  😉

Ok, the recipe: just blend a banana with a
tiny bit of water until it’s smooth.

Then pour this sauce over sliced fruit. It tastes
so creamy and rich!

You can also add a drop of vanilla
flavoring if you want…

Try it!  Then send me a photo of your dessert.
I’ll post them on my blog for everyone to see.

Let’s make it a fun contest!

Whoever sends in the most creative/delicious
looking fruit dessert with banana sauce
will win a copy of my “Healthy Cooking Made Easy and
Delicious” DVD.

(You can see clips from the DVD here: )

Today is Thursday, October 11th. Deadline is
Thursday, October 18th.  That will give you the
weekend to play with it.

Email me your photos- everyone will get to see it!

If you don’t know how to email a photo, get
you kid or grandchild to help you.

Have fun with this!