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Diet brings remarkable lupus turnaround – Video

Here’s more good news about Lupus and a plant-based diet!

In 2013, EarthSave took their Meals For Health program into the
Berkeley/Oakland area near San Francisco. They brought Meals For Health
into a church and showed families how to recover their health through
a healthy, plant-based diet.

There were lots of good results – but I thought you’d particularly like
to watch this short video from a woman with lupus who has kidney involvement.
She felt dramatically better after just three days!

She says,”I knew I could feel better (by changing my diet), but I
didn’t believe that I could feel this MUCH better.”

Watch this video! You’ll get goose bumps.

Remember – the book “The Lupus Recovery Diet” outlines this same
program! You have the details of what to do at your fingertips.
Believe it. Try it for Yourself. You deserve to feel good again.

Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.