A Healthy Dessert

Last night I did something easy to make a bowl of
fruit taste creamy… and thought you’d like it.

I’ll share what I did… then keep reading…
you can win a free cooking DVD  😉

Ok, the recipe: just blend a banana with a
tiny bit of water until it’s smooth.

Then pour this sauce over sliced fruit. It tastes
so creamy and rich!

You can also add a drop of vanilla
flavoring if you want…

Try it!  Then send me a photo of your dessert.
I’ll post them on my blog for everyone to see.

Let’s make it a fun contest!

Whoever sends in the most creative/delicious
looking fruit dessert with banana sauce
will win a copy of my “Healthy Cooking Made Easy and
Delicious” DVD.

(You can see clips from the DVD here:
www.HealthyCookingMadeEasy.com )

Today is Thursday, October 11th. Deadline is
Thursday, October 18th.  That will give you the
weekend to play with it.

Email me your photos- everyone will get to see it!

If you don’t know how to email a photo, get
you kid or grandchild to help you.

Have fun with this!

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