Hi Jill,  

I am an Ob/Gyn physician diagnosed June 1999 with SLE.
Not long after my diagnosis, my health spiraled downward.

I developed lupus cerebritis and couldn’t walk or talk. Went through
all the usual poisons, including 10 months of IV cytoxan. I refused
to do the 2 years as recommended. I would have rather died at that point.

After a long course of the other usual treatments, I was still not
in remission, and have suffered the effects of the treatment probably
worse than the disease.  I was better, but not great. I have not been able
to resume my practice.

This summer my kidneys became affected. After the usual talk of renal
biopsies, steroids and oral cytoxan, I decided to try your diet. I asked my rheumatologist to allow me to try things my way.  I had done other research
and knew what I needed to do, but it was your website and reading of the
testimonials that got me started in the right direction. Funny, how your
newsletter this month was geared toward support groups.

Well, within a month after starting your diet, I was feeling WONDERFUL!!!
In fact, I am off all meds except placquinil, which my doctor has dropped
to a lower dosage.

I cheated recently on a trip to Italy last week. Yes, I am paying for it
now with muscle and joint pain. But I have resumed the diet and I am
confident I will be back to my high energy and pain free living again.
I feel better just after my carrot, apple, ginger juice this morning!

Thank you for all you are doing for those of us who also know the
frustration of Lupus.
Just another testimonial,

Linda Linger, D.O.
West Virginia

Dear Jill,

I am a biomedical scientist and I have a doctorate degree in immunology.

Thank you so much for the great book. I found the book, “Lupus Recovery Diet”
online a couple of months ago. I was searching for help for my Mom, who has lupus.

I have food allergies and eczema. I have been telling my mom how great I feel
when I am eating this healthy diet. Even though I don’t have lupus, I figured that
this diet could help me with my allergies and eczema.

I have been eating mainly fruits and vegetables for the last couple of weeks and
my eczema has almost completely disappeared, I have lots of energy and I feel great.
I have stopped using the steroid creams and use only moisturizers.

I know that there are many diseases out there that the conventional medicine has
no answer to and I strongly believe in the right diet and the right life style as the best
medicine for your body and mind.

I’ll keep encouraging my Mom to try this way of eating. The interesting thing is that
I helped myself by trying to help her. Thank you again.


Dr. Agnieszka, PhD
Baltimore, MD

Dear Jill,

I was diagnosed with an autoimmune illness 18 years ago, when
I was 37 years old.  After being sick off and on for several weeks
with what my GP first thought was the flu and then an infection,
I woke up one morning with a high fever and was so weak I could
not get out of bed. Every joint, muscle & cell in my body hurt and
it felt like my body was on fire.

My doctor arranged for me to see a rheumatologist the next day.
After many tests, I was told that I either had Lupus or Rheumatoid
Arthritis. I was later diagnosed with Lupus.

In spite of the medications he put me on, I was constantly exhausted
and in pain, stiff, sore, breaking out in rashes, losing my hair, and
sensitive to heat and cold. Nothing helped.

After about 2 years, the pain began to ease up some and I was not as
exhausted as before.  However, I had to be very careful to stay out
of the sun (even riding in a car for more than a couple of hours during
the day could set off a flare), get plenty of rest and pace myself.

But no matter what I did, I still had several flares a month, migraine
headaches, and the pain and tiredness never went away. For someone
as active as I was, it was hard to accept the fact that I would never be
the same again.

I began to read all I could about lupus. I occasionally read that avoiding
certain foods had helped some people. Also vitamins and supplements
were advertised as being a “miracle cure”, but nothing worked for me.

I also read all the books called “Coping with Lupus”, “Living with Lupus”,
etc. They all gave advice, but nothing I did gave any relief.

Then three years ago I ran across your book “The Lupus Recovery Diet”.
What I read made sense and I was more encouraged by it than anything
I had run across before. Because of the testimonials and because your
web site was not selling supplements, I decided to give it a try. I had
nothing to lose.

I did the elimination diet and after just 3 WEEKS I was off all my
medications I was TOTALLY pain-free.

During the elimination diet, I found that in addition to meat, fish & dairy,
I could not eat citrus. It was not easy at first, in spite of the wonderful
results, but I knew I would either have to be serious about this way of
eating for the rest of my life or go back to the medications and pain again.

I have been free of all my Lupus symptoms for three years now. I can do
anything I want to do. I camp, hike, garden, play in a band and do volunteer
work. I had given up being able to knit, crochet, sew, do crafts and play my flute because of the pain and stiffness and am now enjoying all these activities again.

Eating a whole foods diet is now a way of life for me. My husband eats the
way I do most of the time, even though he still likes to occasionally eat meat
when we go out.

God bless you,
Susanne Hayes

Hello Jill,  Just had to write you a note. I’m just back from a visit to my
Naturopath clinic…he just about fell off his chair when he saw me.

He said I looked like a different person.

After reading your book, I decided to start an ‘elimination diet’. I thought it
was going to be hard, because I’m not really a salad person – but I felt so bad
that I had to do something.

So, for a couple of weeks, I ate really simple foods – like fruits, vegetables
and salads.

Well, now my sharp joint pain has improved to just occasional dull aches.
I feel awake and energetic during the day, not exhausted like before.

My daughters are even more excited than me. They see me walking like
I used to – not like a slow snail. I’ve lost some extra weight and have been
told that even my eyes sparkle.

I’m starting to add different foods now, and love trying new recipes. I like
the ones in your book, and have ordered some of the other cookbooks you
suggested. My husband has asthma- and this new way of eating is beginning
to help him too.

Please send 3 more books for my grown daughters.  After seeing what it did
for me, they want to lose a little weight and get rid of some aches and pains.
Enough for now, off for my walk…

Gwen Usher

Hi Jill,

I have found your book very informative and of great help.

I followed your diet strictly for two weeks. The results
were impressive. My joint pain is noticeably improved. My
resting heart rate has lowered from 70 to 55, cholesterol
from 210 to 150, blood pressure from 140/80 to 110/75 and
I have lost about ten pounds.

It’s now been six weeks, and I have added a few foods back
in. This is the ‘easiest’ diet I have ever been on. The rich,
nutrition less foods that make up the SAD (standard American
diet) don’t have much attraction to me anymore.

I generally eat what I want and what I find myself wanting
is the whole, raw, natural foods. Not the overcooked, greasy,
processed junk.

I love coffee and am addicted in some ways, but I have proven
to myself time and time again that it flares my joint pain.
I suggest that you address coffee in your book.

I feel much better, but am not yet 100% pain free, but I’ve
seen enough to let me know I am on the right track. I’ll keep
you informed. I know it took years to get to get to this
condition and I am willing to work to get better.

Another thing I like about your book is that you aren’t
hawking supplements or trying to grow an empire.
Makes what you say very believable.


Randall Shaull

Dear Jill,

I was diagnosed with Lupus in August 2004. Of course, I heard
and read nothing but bad things about my future with lupus. I
started plaquenil, but it didn’t do much. In November a friend
found your book on the Internet and after reading it I felt
like it was exactly what I was supposed to do.

I have been eating a whole plants diet since the end of
November 2004, and guess what! Within six months, my lupus
test came back NEGATIVE! I still have low white blood count,
but the ANA is normal. Most importantly, I feel great. I love
eating this way.

It has also had a positive effect on others who watched me as I
went through this major challenge.

Thank you Jill for sharing your experience in a book, and I
hope I can help someone by sharing my story.

Dina Schroeder

Dear Jill,

I was diagnosed with lupus a year ago, and began reading your book
six weeks ago. I cannot tell you how much this has changed my life.

I love it!

I went through major detox initially and actually felt worse before
I felt better. Then better came and now I have energy that I haven’t
had in years.

The cravings were difficult at first, but I could tell I was healing.
Now, I want to eat this way. I’ve introduced wheat and corn a few
times and became so ill.  I eat very simply and a lot raw.

After a short time I had my 9 year old daughter eating this way with me.
She has Diabetes Insipidus (very rare and not related to sugar diabetes).

It’s thought that this form of Diabetes is autoimmune related. Her
dose of medication used to last her 5 to 6 hours, and now one dose lasts
9 or 10 DAYS. We were shocked. Eating this way is healing her little body too.

Thank you for sharing your experience. It is evident that you really care.

Staci Ogden

This book should be required reading for every lupus patient. After following
this program for six months, I am no longer taking Prednisone, Plaquenil or
Advil; my joint pain is gone, my skin looks great and I feel good.

The book explains what works and outlines strategies for changing your lifestyle.
I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s very true. The information in this
book changed my life.
Erica Harzewski

I found your book on the Internet. I downloaded it that day, started onthe program  that day, and within weeks could tell that symptoms that
had never disappeared were now disappearing.

After just 3 weeks, I was lupus symptom free with a sed rate of 1 and a
CRP-neg. WOW – I feel great!

Tami Finley, R.N.

I made changes to my diet a little over a week ago, and have started feeling
results already.  I have lost most of my muscle and joint pain. I used to feel it
all day, now I only feel a little stiff and achy in the morning.

Once I am on my morning walk, the stiffness is gone for the rest of the day.
Also, the butterfly rash on my face has faded.
Jeanette Karr

I have lupus and am a twenty-six year old mother of three beautiful kids.
I have not been able to open their baby food jars or even take them for walks. Everyone suffering from this debilitating disease knows what I am talking about,
and I empathize with all of you.

Just eleven days after starting the diet I can open jars of baby food, and I have
so much energy! I am soooo happy!!

I played with my children today and I am crying tears of joy right now.
This diet worked for me after six months of Cytoxan several different
medications and three years of Prednisone with side effects.

I am so thrilled to be able to type an email without frequent breaks.
Love to all.

Jennie Stansel

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I appreciate your book and all your great information. Everything we read before your book was so depressing, and your
book gave us so much hope!!!

We changed our daughter’s diet less than a month ago and she has not had joint
pain since!!  Her fatigue is so much better. She looks good. She plays an awesome
game of soccer. The rash on her face is gone.

To look at her you would never know she has lupus.

Donna Turgeon, R.N.

I am reading your book.  I am so happy right now that I have tears in my eyes.

My sixteen-year old daughter had been hospitalized in August with toxic shock…
and then in September for mononucleosis …and now here we are in October
and the doctors are finally finding that she most likely has lupus.

It looked like doom and gloom…until I Googled onto your website.
This book is a Godsend.

Jodi and Alexandra Bjornstad

My name is Susan. I’ve had lupus for almost ten years.  I’m fortunate that
I was diagnosed early and have only had mild joint pain, a butterfly rash
and the occasional kidney or lung infection – and of course a constant
spastic colon.

I have a demanding and stressful job as a radio news editor, but thanks to your book,
I cope perfectly.

I read your book last October, and followed “The LupusRecovery Diet” to a ‘T’,
eating only fruits and vegetables, and the results were very food.  My skin cleared
from deep purple to rose pink and my pains improved within a month.

But I found that I lost too much weight.  I am tall and only weighed 128 pounds
to begin with. I started eating bread and pasta again, and picked up weight
quickly, but soon found out that anything with gluten made me flare.

In January, I cut out gluten foods again, and recovered quickly. From March
onward, I started eating more, and also ate foods with more calories. My weight
has stabilized and is not a problem anymore. I feel great!

I’ve finally found confirmation of what I had suspected for a long time – that
food plays a major role in lupus, and that I can control this disease through
what I eat.

Susan C.

9 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Chandra LeGree

    I have been diagnosed with SLE Lupus and I have really been very ill and feeling like its hard to cope with this disease, I have been researching and trying to educate my self with no real results. Where can I get the Lupus recovery diet book? I need help please

    1. Jill Post author

      Chandra, You can get the book on this website – under the “Shop” tag… or at Amazon.com
      Don’t despair…there is hope!

  2. cherry

    On November 18,1013 my doctor called to tell me that I had very strong markers for Lupus in my latest blood tests. My husband got on line re Lupus, found your site and bought the book. We faithfully copied all the diet. I ate just plants, with seeds, nuts and fruits for oil, i.e. no running oil. When I went to the specialist one week ago she told me I did not show any Lupus markers. Of course she said it is because she has better testing arrangements than my M.D. I might add that my blood pressure was down over 46 points and my blood sugar down 15 in this short time. I wish to comment so your suggestions can benefit as many people as possible. I might add that this has been accomplished in a 68 year old woman.

  3. Rachelle

    I am wondering if I can do the elimination diet while breastfeeding? I need to get under control but I am nursing our third child and wanted to know if my breastmilk would deplete? I purchased the book a few years ago and did the elimination diet before I got pregnant and felt so much better. Now that the pregnancy hormones are leaving my body, my ecxema, joint pain etc is increasing again. I have also figured out that I have a wheat allergy, after thinking that I had reflux, now I know that it is totally linked. And suggestions or help would be great.

    1. Jill Post author

      Rachelle, I’m sure you can eliminate wheat while breastfeeding… but I suggest you talk to a dietician or nutritionist certified in plant based nutrition to see if you can do the elimination diet. My guess is yes, but it’s an uneducated guess. Email me if you need the name of someone to talk with.

      Congrats on your third baby 😉

  4. Irene Etuk

    Hello Jill,

    I hail from Nigeria and just stumbled on this testimonials. A mother of 3 toddlers and have lost one third of my hair with scarred scalp, butterflyrash. And others. I. Have tried everything including diet though I have not really been faithful as my environment does not really have fruits ,veggies. I also get depressed and it affects my beautiful family. I am only 34. I need to be well. I need counsel .please help.

  5. Deena McNichol

    I am very thankful to you Jill for your book, video & cd! It’s been nine months that I have been following your suggestions & find myself referring to your book frequently. At first it was difficult because I discovered that there are a lot of foods I can’t eat. But your book gave me hope so I could find the resolve to continue. At 60 years old & after 30+ years of Lupus I now have energy, sleep better & unbelievably, all my previous pains are gone!!! I look forward to my Photosensitivity & infections decreasing & I am confident that because so much has improved in such a short time these will become things of the past as well. I encourage anyone reading this to put aside your doubts that it can work for you .. it is such a small investment for such compelling results.

  6. kim

    Thank u!!!!! Just orders this book……just diagnosed with lupus almost a year ago…..it gotten so bad first month and Dr was guessing and giving pills without doing blood work, assuming allergy reaction….after a month I gotten worse n worse and enough was enough I needed to know what’s really wrong with me…..told drs I refuse to take another meds, do the blood work find out what’s really is wrong. Bam lupus….as I continue getting worse in 3 months in extreme pain attempted suicide twice……drs wasn’t helping…?finally found a Dr who really helped me and took it seriously…….. And I’ve given up hope and thinking about suicide. I couldnt live like this…….now I just found this link I’m thinking why didn’t this show up on Google first time I researched it???? But I’m glad I found this in time before long term damage was done. This has given me a glimmer of hope. I’d do ANYTHING just to get better and feeling better……I will check in once I get the book and get started on it and give updates on my progress…….I really hope this will help me……its been so hard past year especially with no family, no support, feeling so alone in this……still do feel alone……don’t know anyone with lupus….no one understood what I’m going thru or how I feel…….
    Thank u!!!!


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