Diet brings remarkable lupus turnaround – Video

Here’s more good news about Lupus and a plant-based diet!

In 2013, EarthSave took their Meals For Health program into the
Berkeley/Oakland area near San Francisco. They brought Meals For Health
into a church and showed families how to recover their health through
a healthy, plant-based diet.

There were lots of good results – but I thought you’d particularly like
to watch this short video from a woman with lupus who has kidney involvement.
She felt dramatically better after just three days!

She says,”I knew I could feel better (by changing my diet), but I
didn’t believe that I could feel this MUCH better.”

Watch this video! You’ll get goose bumps.

Remember – the book “The Lupus Recovery Diet” outlines this same
program! You have the details of what to do at your fingertips.
Believe it. Try it for Yourself. You deserve to feel good again.

Please let me know if I can help you in anyway.



6 thoughts on “Diet brings remarkable lupus turnaround – Video

  1. alell soliman

    I would like more information about this diet program. My rheumatologist put me on 60 prednisone again because of my relapse. I am sick and tired of prednisone and those other stuffs. She said if I don’t get better i may have to go back to Cytoxan. For the past two weeks my diet had salty foods, red meat and other protein in it and it probably what triggered the relapse.

  2. Val Champagne

    If I wanted to share my experience of Lupus symptoms and recover with someone by showing ONE web page – this would be it. The two videos (Jill’s summary and the woman from the Earthsave program) really capture what I went through. (joint/muscle/tissue pain, severe exhaustion, hair loss …). After 10 years of symptoms I finally got a diagnosis in March of 2103 (nearly one year ago!!). At that point I was bedridden – could barely lift a glass of water.
    My mom and I researched holistic approaches online like crazy. We studied and cross referenced many web sites and books. 6 weeks later I had a formed a diet that was practically identical to one of the books we read: “Jill Harrrington’s Lupus Recovery Diet”. I stuck to it STRICTLY… felt a LITTLE better in 2-3 weeks and felt WAY better in 6 weeks – and had “level 1″ pain days” by 3 months. NOW THE CONFESSION… I felt so good I started to slip – little cheats here and there. Then it was holidays. I told myself, “I’ll just start up again at New Years” . But I didn’t. The pain is slowly slipping in again. I wake up swollen and stiff and I’m back to being exhausted by noon.
    Jill’s email has inspired me anew. I have got to get back to eating right — it is literally a matter of life and death. I KNOW that the diet makes a HUGE difference. It allowed me to go from 40mg/day of Prednisone down to 5mg (over months… don’t try that quickly!!). Right now I know I could go back up 20mg and feel better but I refuse to use dangerous drugs to do what I could accomplish with diet instead. And so it is time for me to recover AGAIN. I hope this (long) comment might inspire someone who is on the fence about beginning the diet. PS: Do it 100%. It is a waste to spend money on gluten-free food if you’re going to slip and eat regular bread every 3 days. It needs to be OUT of your system. I wish everyone the best of luck with whatever route you choose. Lupus can steal your life. .. but you can take it back.
    ~Val Champagne

    1. Jill Post author

      Val, Thanks for sharing your experience with others! I am so happy that you are inspired to start again! Please keep in touch. Hugs, Jill

    1. Jill Post author

      Zoe, The only med I take is for a seizure disorder. I haven’t taken meds for
      lupus since 2004.


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